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The Nutrition Care Professionals provide dietetic students and educators with a comprehensive resource for teaching the Nutrition Care Process and Terminology (NCPT).

The Nutrition Care Process (NCP) is a systematic, science based approach to providing nutrition care that takes account of the patient’s needs and values. Using the NCP model, clinicians have developed more than 60 nutrition diagnoses, more than 70 terms to describe nutrition interventions, and in excess of 170 nutrition indicators for assessing, monitoring and evaluating nutrition status of individuals or groups of individuals.

The style of this publication and the information it contains are unique. Using a case-study approach, we offer students, practitioners and clinicians the opportunity to analyze the circumstances of the case as described by the patient and then draw on the evidence base to treat the patient's condition. In the course of that process, we introduce new dietetic tools and concepts required to treat the case and demonstrate how they take effect.

The textbook is supported with the website NCPro Virtual Learning Environment which provides extra content such as downloadable fillable PDFs of student assignments included in the text, videos of the patients as they respond to the dietitian's questions, and optional assignments for students to record how they would ask questions, summarize and end consultations, or discuss their care with a physician. Instructor presentations and examples of completed assignments are also featured. The assignments can be electronically submitted to the instructor and the instructor can choose to record grades and return assignments to the students via the website.