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How specific should the PES be??  ...Like Goldilocks....just right!!

Like the childhood story of Goldilocks and the three bears, Nutrition Diagnoses and PES statements can be TOO BROAD, or they can be TOO SPECIFIC, or they can be "JUST RIGHT". more

Is there one "right" PES Statement??

Dietitians are concerned about getting the PES statements "right" and are looking for an "answer" to a case that shows the perfect PES statement.   .... read more

Is the "Clinical Impression" the same thing as the "Nutrition Diagnosis"?

After hearing the discussions at the recent Nordic Meeting for Dietitians about their use of the clinical impressions in daily practice, this raises the question of whether clinical impressions are the same as Nutrition Diagnosis? more

Is that all there is??? Getting beyond knowledge deficit for Irritable Bowel Disease

What about conditions where the focus of the nutrition care is to help the patient learn to identify foods that are tolerated so future dietary intake can be planned to avoid them, but still be nutritionally adequate?? more
Updated March 18, 2016