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Nutrition Prescription--is it the bulls-eye or the arrow??

The bulls-eye in the center is the target being aimed at (nutrition prescription), however the arrow (what is implemented) may not always be exactly on target the very first time (either by design or by lack of full understanding of the situation).   read more....

Like Hand in Glove...The Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines and NCP go together!!

The Evidence Based Practice Guidelines published on the Evidence Analysis Library are organized by the steps in the Nutrition Care Process.  The specific project on the EAL that discusses critical care is called the Critical Illness project. more

Etiologies--Are we missing the point??
Just ask "Why" 5 times??

Sometimes we miss the forest for the trees....

Using the etiology (root cause) to guide the nutrition intervention is often not fully explored in  nutrition care
process discussions...other that to mention that you should ask "why?" five times to get to the root cause (or lowest level that the dietitian can impact).  More focus has been placed on correctly naming the problem as the Nutrition Diagnoses. more

Updated March 18, 2016