Clinical Mind Maps


Mind mapping is a technique used to condense and organize information into diagrams. Historically, in some institutions, dietetics students were guided to develop clinical nutrition mind maps in their coursework. Clinical mind maps were used to highlight relevant information for each phase of the nutrition consultation process and to demonstrate how these data are interrelated. 
To assist with your understanding of the Nutrition Care Process and Terminology (NCPT) we have incorporated NCP Mind Maps based on the NCP framework in this text. NCP Mind Maps provide an outline of the information you will need to collect and the strategies you will need to consider during the period when a patient is under the care of a dietitian. 

The NCP Mind Maps utilize the standardized language of the NCPT organized as it appears in the NCP hierarchy. Only those terms commonly used are included in the NCP Mind Maps. The Mind Maps are composed of both information derived directly from the NCPT and additional information derived from the evidence-based literature that needs to be considered during the consulting process. NCPT code terms and codes appear in black font. Explanatory additions to the NCPT code terms and codes that are case specific appear in blue font. Codes are provided for the domains, classes and subclasses to two decimal points. The exact term number is provided for Nutrition Diagnosis. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics SNOMED CT unique identifier (ANDUID) number used in electronic record software programming is not included in this text. 

The NCP Mind Maps each provide considerable detail; however, students will need further information in order to complete the case study activities. 
Updated January 27, 2016