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NCPro Tool Kit

The text is accompanied by a Tool Kit of handy references for the student/clinical educator. The Tool Kit contians:
  • Abbreviations and international spelling variations
  • Conversion factors for common weight and measures
    and laboratory values
  • Energy prediction equations (Mifflin-St Jeor, Schofield,
    Institute of Medicine)
  • Food group characteristics
  • National Dietary Guidelines (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, 
    United Kingdom, United States)
  • Ready Reckoners (abridged and comprehensive)
  • Carbohydrate exhanges and Glycemic Index and
    Glycemic Load of common foods
  • Estimates of physical activity levels
  • Nutrition composition using the Exchange System
The NCPro Tool Kit is now available for individual sale here.
Updated March 08, 2018